Whether you’re roughing it or relaxing in a hotel, traveling can take a toll on your hair. Specifically, how dirty it can get! In between the beach, sightseeing, nightlife, and shopping, your hair can get unpleasantly greasy. But who has time to get back to the hotel when new opportunities present themselves around every corner?

Dilemma solved: dry shampoo.

While not a new concept, companies are still trying to perfect the dry shampoo product. Some are too stiff, some are too weak, but some can be just right. Some finds that got it right:

Best Powder:
ALTERNA CAVIAR Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo
Powder can be messy, but its effectiveness in absorbing oil is undeniable. This formula is gentle on hair and noticeably improves softness after use. If you have hair that needs long-lasting help between washes, this dry shampoo is a good option, especially while traveling, as it’s packaged in a small bottle. And it smells good, too!

Best Invisible Sprays:
Salon Grafix Dry Spray Shampoo
This shampoo spray is clean, easy-to-use, and invisible. It works for all hair types because it’s a lightweight spray. For curly or styled hair, powder can be hard to comb out or disguise, so this works well when you need some freshness to your style without having to completely re-do your do! They also offer an invisible dry spray conditioner to moisturize hair when parched from soaking up the sun.

Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Cleaning Spray
Vogue stated that Kevin Murphy is the one who invented the iconic “beach hair” look (a travelers signature look, no?). This spray kept my hair soft and fresh. Antioxidant rich, paraben free, and for every can sold a financial contribution is given towards reducing global carbon emissions. So shake well, and be fresh!

Best for On-the-Go:
Batiste dry shampoo original, On-the-go size
Excellent at absorbing oil, but not invisible. This is best for women who have no problem brushing through their hair after spraying (i.e. straight, un-styled hair). It makes your hair perky and soft, but I love how you can keep it in your purse for touch-ups anytime, anywhere.

Best Alternative:
Cornstarch! I swear. I use it almost weekly to extend the time between washes. Cheap, natural, throw it in a small bottle for travel. It is my miracle secret. One diva to another.” Kate Horan, Tango Diva Style Blogger