Making girls out of women, Surf Las Olas is the perfect getaway to experience adventure and find your inner balance. Surf Las Olas offers Surf Safaris designed to introduce women to the sea, to begin the process of awareness and inspiration.

Located in the village of Sayulita, Mexico, Las Olas is 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta and a picturesque surfing location. You’ll find yourself in a magical place, a laid back village on the sea. The hum of the fishing boats, returning with their morning catch, can be heard from the villas perched on the tropical hillside surrounding the bay.

Your mornings at Las Olas will begin with a session of relaxing yoga. A certified yoga instructor will lead a series of surf specific stretches that will prepare you for your day on the water. Breathing, stretching, and relaxing is widely known as the essential warm up to a good day of surfing. You will enjoy your personally tailored yoga instruction amidst the dancing palm trees and the salty sea breeze.

Following yoga and breakfast, you will begin your surfing experience with a surf lesson. No need to worry if you have never stepped foot on a surfboard, Las Olas is an incredible place to learn. The surf break is a great beginner’s wave, the water is warm, and you will have the best cheering squad you could ever ask for.

After you get your feet wet (literally) you will enjoy a delicious lunch made using local ingredients. When most of the supermarket food is shipped in from another hemisphere, it’s refreshing to eat produce from farmers who understand “local” to mean “from across the street”. Fish from just beyond the surfbreak, mangoes from the neighbor, and fresh vegetables off the truck daily make up the ingredients of your menu.

The afternoon brings you the opportunity to surf with your instructor and a variety of activities. Master the art of surfboard ownership, learn how to create (and consume) authentic salsa and guacamole, enjoy a surf massage, learn to stand-up paddleboard and more. The variety of activities is sure to make your Surf Safari memorable.

As the day comes to a close, enjoy dinner throughout the village at one of the family restaurants and chat with your new friends about your day on the water. You will then retreat to your villa which features open architecture with cabana-style enclosed bedrooms. Every villa is a work of art individually designed and built by local craftsmen and artisans.

Surf Safaris are perfect for a group of your closest friends or for the solo traveler. Regardless of who you go with, you will leave with life-long friends and memories that will leave you smiling.

For more information and to schedule your surf safari, visit the Las Olas Website