by Michelle McDermott

Watch Catherine Zeta-Jones sashay along the red
carpet. See how supermodel Tyra Banks holds herself in front of the photographer.

Listen to makeup
maverick Bobbi Brown instructing models and
celebrities on the techniques of makeup application.

Each of these women extoll an air of self-confidence
and aplomb in their abilities. They can be
photographed at any time of the day and from every
angle, without seeming to have a care in the world.
It is said that the most successful inventions are the
ones which serve a very specific purpose.

From Wonderbras to control-top pantyhose, it seemed
like every inch of a woman’s body had been covered by
designers’ abilities to uplift, flatten, conceal and

Enter Sassybax Founder, Amanda Kennedy. A former
actress in Hollywood, Amanda understood the pressures
of the fashion industry which culminated in
issues with her own self-esteem.

As fashions got
slimmer, Amanda spotted a gap in the market for a
garment which would help to boost how women felt
about themselves.

“I have created Sassybax as a way
of helping women look and feel more confident in the
fashions they love.”

Powerful claims indeed!

I decided to put Sassybax to the test.

On the day my Torso Trim arrived, I was in need of
self-esteem by the bucket load. After pulling a
muscle in my lower back, I gingerly stepped into the
Torso Trim (you have to pull it on like a bathing
suit). As instructed, I pulled it down low over my

Almost instantly, I felt comforted,
supported and even experienced some relief from the
pain in my lower back. So this is why these garments
are so popular with Hollywood stuntwomen!

product is certainly more than just a camisole.
Constructed of 96% microfibre and 4% lycra spandex,
the Torso Trim moves with your body and feels like a
glamorous, gentle support bandage. It comes as no
surprise, then, that surgeons are recommending these
products for patients who have just gone through
breast surgery.

Pulling out my shocking pink cashmere sweater (the
clingiest item of clothing I could find!), I wore it
over the Torso Trim—remember those stars on the red
carpet, and their smooth, bulgeless back view? Well
Divas, their secret is out!

You will be pleased to know there are other products
produced by Sassybax, and I am going to let you into
another little secret: the Bralette is the most
comfortable bra you will ever wear!

On first
impressions, it looks like a grown-up version of a
trainer bra. How is this going to support the
well-endowed moi? No hooks, no padding, no
underwires or tags to aggravate the skin.

Once again,
you have to step into it like a bathing suit. It
molds itself to your natural shape; there is
absolutely no thrusting of the boobs skywards, just
gentle, comfortable support. The material allows the
skin to breathe and after a while, it feels like

My heavily pregnant friend informed me
that she could wear the Bralette all day long without
feeling any discomfort, and as the bra is made without
hardware, it is possible to sleep in it.

As the
breasts grow larger and heavier in pregnancy, the
Bralette will grow with your body and can be used as a
nursing bra once baby is born. The Torso Trim can
then be worn post-partum and enable the body to regain
its pre-pregnancy shape faster. Fantastic!

I believe that someday soon, Sassybax will become a
staple in every woman’s lingerie drawer.

Take advice from fashion stylists around the globe—with a Sassybax, slingbacks and suspenders, every day
can be a Red Carpet Day!

The Sassybax Collection is available from Neiman
Marcus. Catalogues include Bloomingdale’s By Mail and

Sassybax Torso Trim, $68

Sassybax Underwire Torso Trim, $75

Sassybax Bralette, $58

Sassybax Underwire Bralette, $65

Racerbax Bralette, $60

Sassybax Strapless Underwired Bandeaux, $48

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