by Lori Virella

Lori Virella has seen it all when it comes to hair color—and with nearly ten years of experience, she’s practically a color guru!

Lori got her start apprenticing at Vidal Sassoon Salon, with whom she worked for four years, first in Scottsdale and Beverly Hills, then at the Sassoon Academy, and finally at the group’s San Francisco salon. In San Francisco, Lori moved to the popular (now-closed) Architects and Heroes, where she worked as one of the head color educators.

For the last four years, Lori has dazzled clients at Posh Salon on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. In between beautifying clients, this in-demand, award-winning colorist still finds time to attend plenty of hair shows to keep up with the latest trends. She shares some beauty secrets with Tango Diva.

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Five Great Tips for Travel-Ready Hair

Whether you’re going for a quick getaway or for a longer vacation, these tips can help!

1. Don’t Go Changin!

It may not be the best idea to drastically change your hair before a trip—whether it be cut or color, manageability is key, so you’re not fussing in front of a mirror for hours instead of enjoying yourself!

2. Fade 0ut

Most people know colors will fade in the sun, but chemicals and minerals in hard water areas or water overseas can have a drastic effect on some hair. If after a holiday your hair is a bit “rusty,” consult your colorist for a clarifying treatment or gloss to refresh.

3. Don’t fight it!

If you’re going to a humid, rainy, or even snowy destination, try to enjoy the natural texture of your hair. If you normally blow out and flatiron your curly locks, experiment with products, clips, or headbands (really cute and chic!) to embrace texture a week or two before a trip. Why worry about frizz on a fun trip?

4. No time for color? No way!

You may be in a mad rush before your travels and think, “No way can I sit in a salon for two hours before this trip!” Ask your colorist for a “quickie”—maybe just a few highlights or a fantastic gloss to add high shine. You will feel great and be out of the salon in less then an hour!

5. Hot tub anyone?

If you’re fortunate enough to be traveling to a place with a pool, hot tub, or better yet an ocean, minimize your hair’s chlorine or saltwater exposure (which is very drying and ruins your color!) by simply wetting your hair first with water. Your hair acts as a sponge—bone dry it will suck up all those elements and leave you with dry hair! For extra care add a leave-in conditioner.