Looking back, I wish I would have studied abroad while I was in school. Going abroad is one of the best opportunities to travel, and can be one of the best experiences of your life. I have heard many people say that it changes the way you see the world. I should have been more proactive and persistent. If you are still in school, or know someone who is, encourage them to study abroad for a semester! There are so many programs to help you get placed in the city of your choice, studying relevant topics to classes taken at your home university.

Marisa, a fellow Diva gives great advice about traveling abroad. Read here for awesome tips! Another great website to check out is GoOverseas.com. This site gives people the chance to study, intern, volunteer and even teach all over the world. Read about past experiences, future excursions and opportunities in different countries. Sounds like a great deal to me, especially for people like me, who did not get the chance to do it while in school.

If you’re feeling philanthropic, Voluntourism is a growing trend for people who like to travel, see themselves as global citizens, and like the idea of shaping the world they want to live in. Check out GoVoluntouring.com for more information and pick your destination and program type! This is the chance to travel and help people who aren’t as fortunate. Leave the trip feeling like you have made a true difference in someone’s life.

My advice for traveling abroad…or anywhere: take more money than clothes. Because chances are, you are going to want to do a lot of shopping while you’re wherever you end up going.