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February 12th, 2009
Santa Barbara, CA: El Capitan Canyon Winter Package Specials

El Capitan Beach

El Capitan Beach

El Capitan Canyon, located just north of Santa Barbara, offers “luxury camping” and cabins in a beautiful coastal setting. Right now they’re offering three different winter packages, the cheapest of which starts at $465 for a one-night stay and two complimentary aromatherapy massages. This is no outdoorsy, roughing-it kind of place: the cabins have full bathrooms, kitchenettes, large tubs, and gas fireplaces, while the tents are heated, with electric light and screened windows. And if you get tired of lounging around your tent turning the lights on and off (which sounds pretty cool, honestly) Canyon staff can help you plan a day trip; activity options include horseback riding, golf, ocean kayaking, monarch butterfly park tours, whale watching, wine tasting, and tours of downtown Santa Barbara. For more info, check out M.Y. Mim’s fun article on things to do in Santa Barbara proper.

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