If my lifestory is ever told through film, I think today’s events would best be summed up through a video montage.

There was chasing pigeons through deserted, sun-drenched plazas. Getting lost in massive, Gothic cathedrals. Strolls along the river. Card games, betting and copious beers. Giggles. In essence, it was a wonderful day off.

I’m a sucker for Gothic cathedrals and the Burgos cathedral does not disappoint. Plus, Piet and Otto — my day off partners in crime– are architects/civil engineers in South Africa so it was really a joy to have them explain the nuances of architectual wonder the Burgos cathedral boasts.

Pilgrims are typically allowed to stay in the albergues for one night only, so tonight I switched to a small, private albergue that runs solely on donations and volunteers — plus they donate half their earnings to various charities. If you are looking for an albergue in Burgos, skip the municipal and stay at Santiago  y Santa Catalina. You’ll sleep well knowing your donations are being used wisely. Plus I now am host to a batch of fresh bed bug bites courtesy of the Burgos municipal albergue.

Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite has taken on a whoooooole new meaning.