by Jayme Lamm

Since moving to Houston some six years ago, there has been a word that almost everyone uses when referring to Dallas. That word? Pretentious.

Maybe I’m not “Texan” enough to get the age-old rivalry between the two bustling cities, or maybe, just maybe, these same fine folks have never stayed where I’ve stayed or had the experiences I’ve had.

For starters, Dallas (or Arlington, if you want to get geographically technical) is home to the Texas Rangers. Secondly, one of my new favorite innovative hotel concepts is located there: NYLO Dallas/Las Colinas. The groundbreaking loft-style concept of this hotel is equal parts stylish and luxuriously lavish as it is conventional and traditional – all things every female traveler has come to know and love when on the move.

NYLO has so many diva-ish qualities to it; it’s hard to know where to start. It’s pet-friendly, so if bringing Fido makes you feel at home when traveling, that’s a plus. The state-of-the-art fitness facility also adds an extra element to the stay, as do the iPod-ready machines so you can blast Nicki Minaj or Tina Turner inside your eardrums.

The Loft (the onside restaurant and lounge which is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and copious amounts of drinks) serves great food along with a variety of Chandon, which can do the trick for just about anybody. I’m pretty sure during my 5-night stay at NYLO, I consumed at least ten different meals and couldn’t have asked for better food or service each and every time. All the staff, including the Chef who greeted me a few times, was incredibly helpful offering up suggestions and checking in on me, as well as other guests.

Each guestroom comes with a mini Keurig for quick and easy coffee and tea each and every morning and the bathroom toiletries are the higher-end brand of Gilchrist & Soames, which is always a nice touch. The bedding is complete with down comforters, custom duvets, cotton-rich linens, and foam and feather pillows to help you get a good night sleep. Also, if you have crazy allergies like yours truly, be sure to ask about their allergy-free accommodations providing a fresh crisp environment, which is becoming all the rage for those of us who probably should live in a bubble during certain times each year.

But probably the best part of NYLO and their diva-like ambiance is the 7,500 sq. ft. space, The Courtyard (what they refer to as their own version of Central Park), complete with heated pools, cabanas, fire pits and outside bar and food service. Sometimes there’s even live music. The entire space has complimentary Wi-Fi and I can attest to the fact the servers will continue to bring Chandon just as long as you ask (or beg) for it.

A few other things I L-O-V-E-D about NYLO and this trip in no particular order:

1. Did I mention the property was only 15 minutes away from Rangers Ballpark, home to the best baseball team ever? It’s a great experience for anyone, even if you’re not into baseball. Love hot dogs?

2. Did I also mention the hotel was within walking distance to In-n-Out Burger? And I’m talking Texas-walking distance, which by definition must be less than 3 minutes due to the insane heat and humidity, which can and will make you pass out.

3. If and when you’re ready to venture out for a new scene, NYLO is about a 15-minute drive from another one of my favorite Dallas hotels – Hotel ZaZa in Uptown Dallas. Their onsite restaurant and lounge, Dragonfly is the perfect place to meet a few friends for dinner and drinks, or kick it solo if that’s your vibe. The food and scene at this spot is completely out of this world – if you’re a firm believer that Texans can mix drinks and cook meat, this is the place for you. Also, if you’re a fan of good service, great selections of vino, beers or bourbon and love fresh, local food, you’ve found a winner. Furthermore, should your diva-self happen to be single or just enjoy looking at attractive non-pushy businessmen at nearby tables, this the place to be. The menu and drinks also extend outside by the pool with music playing overhead – yet another plus.

4. Quite simply, NYLO felt like home. Not the kind of home I actually have, because mine is kind of messy and dumpy, but I felt safe and comfortable as if I could have stayed in my loft (and The Courtyard) for weeks, which is rare for someone who travels as much as I do. I’m literally scouring my datebook to see exactly when I can head back to this place.

NYLO hotels currently have three locations in the DFW area and one in Providence/Warwick.

NYLO Dallas / Las Colinas | 1001 W. Royal Lane, Irving, TX 75039 | 972.373.8900