French films are master classes in ambiguity. They fearlessly take on deep issues and situations where nothing explodes or hilarity ensues with a laugh track. Like life, French films refuse to wrap up with a tidy bow. *Microbe and Gasoline* is no exception.

Daniel is the school outcast, nicknamed Microbe, thanks to his short stature, catnip for bullies. At home, Dad occasionally peaks out of his alpha study. Audrey Tatou, better known for her role in the 2001 hit, Amelie, is Daniel’s mother. Her motto seems to be, “too much information is never enough”, as she takes Daniel along to her human sexuality lectures.

The classroom door opens a crack, letting in the distinct aroma of petrol, followed by Theo, “the new student”, aka “Gasoline”. Contrasting with Daniels family, Theo’s mom is overweight, depressed, a heart attack waiting to happen. Dad is a mean drunk. Despite the questionable parenting of young Theo, he displays remarkable coping skills.

Daniel and Theo bond immediately. The two outcasts plot their own version of happiness.
The result? An epic road trip! Daniel has access to money, Theo has a knack for mechanics. Working with scrap metal, the boys create a lawnmower-powered garden shed home and start off on an adventure. Looks like our boys have a future in the Tiny Home movement.

Come along for the ride as Microbe and Gasoline learn about life, love and self-defense.
No regrets.

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