is not only one of the best restaurants in the Mendocino area–but I’d say in the whole state of California, so when I read that they are instigating a new Chef’s table in the kitchen (only seats 4 lucky folks) AND featuring a Wild Mushroom Tasting Menu, I’m definitely planning a ‘shroom visit.

Mushroom Tasting Menu 2008 – 2009

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!
A Tasting Menu of Local Mushrooms and Local Wines

Just Toadstools!
A bisque of golden chanterelles, with black chanterelle quenelles.
(Cantharellus cibarius & Craterellus cornucopioides, respectively)
2005 Londer Chardonnay, Kent Ritchie Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

More Bang for your Buck
Mustard-herb coated venison, pan-roasted
and served on wild mushroom medley polenta.
2002 Londer Syrah, Gabrielli Vineyard, Redwood Valley

Bones, Inside and Out
Inside: marrow custard with gambonis
Outside: Oxtail braised in red wine with gambonis (Boletus edulis) 2004 Martella Petite Sirah, Heart Arrow Ranch, Mendocino

Black Truffles (chocolate, of course) (Tuber melanosporum)

Three course menu: $50.00
With a glass of each suggested wine: $75.00
Please, no substitutions.

P.S. They also run an adorable inn so you’ll want to book a sleep-over.