Name: Walter, Wal, Wally,Walt, W, Hannibal

Age: 45

Occupation: Contractor

Hometown: Harbord, Sydney, Australia

Diva Minds Want to Know…

1. Where do you like to flirt?

I flirt wherever I can and whenever the opportunity arises.

2. Where’s your favorite table for two?

By the beach overlooking the warm blue Pacific, on any of the many beaches up and down the coast, along with a bottle of bubbly or a nice bottle of red, and fine noshes.

3. Where should we stay when we visit (besides your place)?

Anyplace by the beach. It’s only a place to rest your head at night or maybe do some horizontal folk dancing.

4. What quality do you find irresistible in a woman?

Qualities in a woman….first thing that comes to mind is a woman who will give things a go and not worry about how she looks and who will enjoy herself doing it. Yeah let’s ride some kangaroos!

5. Where can we find you on a free Sunday afternoon?

Probably catching waves and then down to the local to blow the froth off a few.

6. What do you love most about your city (besides our arrival)?

The beaches. This time of the year the water is warm and the sand squeaky hot.

7. What should we bring when we visit your town? What should we leave with?

Something cool and mainly swimwear (bikinis). Leave with a tan, good memories and love.

8. What do we absolutely have to see while we’re there?

Climb the Harbour Bridge, take a trip up to the northern beaches and end that with a climb to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. If time permits, head up to Byron Bay.

9. Any areas of town we should avoid?

Avoid western Sydney- it’s just the suburbs.

10. Any local secrets you want to share?

Sorry can’t give that out. Maybe when you’re here.