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September 12th, 2006
Opera Openings, Schooners and low riders

What a weekend! We launched into the weekend with splendid force on Friday at the coveted Opera Gala in San Francisco. The guest all donned on their finest threads. My silk-satin masterpiece was designed by Colleen Quen Couture. It was a silver two-piece creation with big, satin bows down my back. I did feel like a princess for sure!

Saturday we jetted off to Belvedere and joined a spectator schooner, where we watched the Leukemia Cup Regatta. The afternoon was spent sailing, sipping cocktails, and swaying to reggae at the San Francisco Yacht Club. They raised over $100,000 to fight blood cancer in one day!

Sunday was family day. I drove up to Sacramento to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. I come from a fabulously crazy Mexican family who loves to eat and party. One of my cousins has an Impala that he  transformed into a true low rider – with shocks, springs, boom box, and chrome! He took me cruisin’ while we listened to hip hop.

I went from Opera princess, sailing diva, to "gang banger" in a matter of hours – pretty cool!

So, that was my weekend, what did you do?

One thought on “Opera Openings, Schooners and low riders

  1. While you were “opera-ing” in your silver couture gown, I was donned in sweat pants and a t-shirt, no doubt sopping up baby spit-up, such glam. Saturday followed with playtime in the Jumperoo, baby Einstein videos and begging critter to take a nap. “pleeeeeeease honey pleeease take a nap.” Sunday was spent with way too much family including my lovely gravely-voiced, chain smoking, I’ll have a pepsi for breakfast mother-in-law. This upcoming weekend however, is a whole other story, jetting off to Wyoming to do some fly fishing floating down the Snake River, nature hikes and rounding up some cowboys. yee ha!

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