1.Tyrrell’s Potato Chips
Straight from Will Chase’s potato farm in Herefordshire, England come (for my money,) the World’s Best Potato Chips. Offered in large bags, or single serving sizes, Tyrrell’s Naked Chips offers a perfect sweet and earthy crunch, plus some very clever packaging. But, then Farmer Will started going nuts with his flavors and each one is better than the last. Be sure and try the award-winning Sweet Chili & Pepper, Mature Cheddar & Chive, or the properly British, Beef & Horseradish flavor. Watch for his seasonal offerings such as Asparagus & Pepper, or spicy Worcestershire Sauce flavor. No dip needed for these taters. Tyrrells.com

2.Brent’s Micro Brew Firey Beer Brittle
This was by far the most scrumptious non-chocolate sweetie at the whole show. Created by the brother and sister team behind Napa’s Chocolate Factory, this buttery brittle is simultaneously crisp and chewy, sweet and salty, snap, crackle and WOW! I don’t know if it’s the Mendocino micro brew ale, the Indonesian vanilla, the crunchy Spanish peanuts or the surprise hit of Chili de Arbol, but this spicy confection is a 3-alarm masterpiece. Brent also offers a chili-free version for the wimpier set. Annettes.com

3.Poco Dolce
Can’t believe I’ve never tasted these luscious chocolates and they are made right in my own backyard! ( San Francisco) These little wonders are the most perfectly balanced sweet & salty confections that have ever crossed my lips. Their sophisticated bittersweet chocolate tiles are swimming with bits of crystallized ginger, burnt caramel toffee ,crunchy almonds and Aztec chile. Then they guild the lily with a delicate sprinkling of grey sea, which just intensifies your pleasure. Can request them packaged in a red box –perfect for your Valentine! Poco Dolce

4.Linda’s Gourmet Latkes
Thank you, Linda, for making Hanukkah a snap–As well as the other 51 weeks of the year. These yummy frozen heat-and-serve latkes are available in both a large patty (delish for brekkie when topped with applesauce) and a bite-size version. Top the mini’s with some sour cream and a curl of smoked salmon for an easy yet luxurious hor’s doeuvres. Linda’s

5.Plush Puffs
These naturally flavored marshmallows put bring boring old plain whites to their knees. It’s difficult to choose between Toasted Coconut, Kona Coffee Crunch and a slew of other flavors. Their new Simply S’mores creation is simply brilliant. They take their Vanilla Bean marshmallow and then mix in all-natural graham pieces, dust the whole thing with light cocoa powder and top it with chocolate chips. But my own personal fave is the zingy Lucious Lemony Meringue flavor. I went through the whole bag, spearing and roasting them right over my gas burners, while singing “Michael, Row the Boat Ashore” at the top of my lungs. Plush Puffs

6.Alice’s Stick Cookies
I wept when I first tasted these buttery confections when they received “Best new cookie of 2004” award but Alice wasn’t content to sit on her laurels, she developed a new Cinnamon Stick flavor. Bet you can’t eat just one—-box! Alice’s

7.-Sticky Toffee Pudding
After tasting both the Sticky Ginger Flavor, and the English Lemon Pudding,- as well as the traditional Sticky Toffee classic, I was thrilled that these “puds” had crossed the channel to our home turf…until I saw the calorie count. Oh well, they are so worth jogging an extra mile or two. Sticky toffee pudding company

8. Smokey Blue Truffle
This may sound weird but after one nibble of organic chocolate, smokey blue cheese and roasted almonds, that this is the perfect ménage a trois! Now you no longer have to pick decide between something sweet or cheese to end your meal. Lille Belle Farms

9. Mushroom Truffle Risotto Phyllo Flower Hors d’Oeuvres
Conveniently available in the frozen foods department these seductive little babies will ensure that you’ll be the “ hostess with the mostess,” even when uninvited guests make a surprise appearance…on the other hand, by offering these savory pastries you’ll be encouraging repeat visits! Dufour.com

10. Thai Spice Sausage
I’ve always been impressed with Niman Ranch for being “committed to fulfilling the vision upon which the company was founded – to bring the finest tasting meat possible to customers while practicing the highest standards of animal husbandry and environmental stewardship,” and also because they make some damn good bacon. They’ve newest winner is a tasty Thai Spice Sausage packed with traditional Thai flavors of lemongrass, ginger, cardamom and coriander – superb fragrance. Niman Ranch **Shopping note: Most of these products are readily available at Whole Foods, Molly Stone’s, or your local specialty food store. Or you can contact them directly for more information