WOW! Oh my! My glorious shoes that I had made in Milan showed up on my doorstep today. I can’t wait to wear them, but I know that I have to keep them for my book signing. "sign."

But what a divine treat I have to look forward to on the day of my book launch party! So, what do you think about my beautiful, darling, fabulous shoes??  

These shoes were made by Veronik in Milano, you can find all her details in Marie Claire, in the STOP THE PRESS cover story.

Oh, a bit of FLY SOLO details…. all the final edits are done, my book is getting printed as we speak, and I will have the galleys delivered this week! I am so excited! New shoes, new book – what a fabulous week!  


Here is the piece of fabric that my gorgeous shoes and handbag were made out of – eat your heart out Cinderella!


PS…… DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!!! THIS IS A HUGE ELECTION! And if you have spent anytime overseas, you will know that us Americans are not very liked right now because of the decisions that have been made by our Congress and House. But, with your vote, we have a a chance to change the course of history, yes you DIVA!