The dwindling down days of Summer may be a point of sadness for some people, but for me…it’s my favorite time of year! Perhaps because I am reminded of my school days and the excitement of back to school shopping, but I am giddy at the mere thought of shortened days and turning leaves… it means BOOT weather is here again!

I am moving back to Spain soon and will be reporting on the fashion and style scene in Spain and Europe for Tango Diva—through Twitter, blogs and video postings.

As previously mentioned, I am an avid collector of boots—both new and vintage. But perhaps no one loves their boots more than the Spanish. I’ve previously worn my rugged-looking Frye Harness Boots with aplomb up and down all of Spain, but when I began research on my upcoming style article on Fall boots, I will need the drug from Lucy the movie just to be able to deal with this. I was primarily searching for boots with a distinctly classic look, rich in both quality and comfort.

And find them I did. In the Frye Campus 14L boots, an American Diva would have no problem fitting right in with even the most stylish of Spanish Fashionistas—and would do well to remind the world why classic Americana style still reigns supreme.

Stay tuned for a more in depth review!