Oh honey, you know you want that designer dress, but why do you want it soooo much? Well, I meet up with rock star designer Bacca da Silva and found out why true designer clothing makes us feel like a million bucks.

Who is Bacca da Silva?

Darling Bacca is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bacca and was first introduced to fashion while watching his mom sew clothing for his family. When is was still a ween teenager Bacca started producing fashion shows, his productions not only gained recognition for local merchants, but also raised money for a variety of charitable causes. Now, a decade (or so) later, he has been recognized as an up and coming designer by GEN ART and gaining attention at a national level for his imaginative and colorful expression through fashion. The house of Bacca da Silva was founded in 2004 and the San Francisco headquarters opened in 2008, with representatives in Brazil, London, and Bejing.

Bacca da Silva Influences
Influenced by worldwide culture and art, Bacca’s line emphasizes playful individuality through vibrant colors and luxury details. Drawing upon his experience of living in Brazil and San Francisco, Bacca believes local atmosphere is important to his creation process of combining international style and luxury into everyday life.

Bacca on San Francisco Fashion
Bacca observes a lack of color at the local level of San Francisco, where people are attempting to fit into tribes and categorize themselves through uniform looks with minimal individuality. Big on pushing the envelope in color, Bacca believes in integrating luxury into everyday looks with bright colors and ornate details, for unique style that deviates from the norm.

What does every woman need in her closet?
The little black dress is always a key item, but now is the time for the vibrant color dress. The hot shades to be seen in are stimulating and spirited, such as green and yellow chartreuse, sunflower yellow and red. Additional key pieces this season are bright silk pants, skinny black jeans and bright color tops.

What should I invest in?
Bacca advises that you should invest in pieces that have personal ties or resurrect memories. Fashion should be an extension of the owner’s individuality, sentimental worth adding true value.

Where do I find Bacca da Silva?

590 Sutter Street
San Francisco. CA 94102

Fashion Dictionary
Demi-Couture: One level below haute couture. Limited number of pieces made with basic sizing, but the option to be customized post-production.
Fashion Humor: Fashion that is carefree, fun and playful. Style that is not contrived or uniform.
Haute Couture: French for “high sewing.” Custom fit, made to order clothing. Opposite of pret-a-porter.
Pret-a-porter: Ready to wear fashion designed for the masses and produced in basic size runs.

A Lesson on Fashion…..

Bacca Da Silva is demi-couture, a limited number of pret-a-porter pieces with the option to be customized to fit postproduction. Each piece is 100% designed by Bacca himself, implementing quality materials including 100% pure Mongolian cashmere, custom hardware and organically dyed silks and cottons. Bacca extends the luxury of his brand with unique details such as hand-laid embroidery, sequins and beading that take 40-80 hours to complete.

Now you are ready for Fashion Week, darlink.