Sophie Azouaou has done an impecable job recreating herself. She is originally from France, came to the United States and made a name for herself in interior design.

She struggled with allergies and wanted to find a way to make her life as green and eco-friendly as possible. She researched green products, tried out eco skin lines, cleaned her home with organic cleansers and now she has a list of the BEST products on the market for those who are trying to live a green, clean, organic life. A few years ago, she started writing for the Examiner and received numerous accolades for her coverage of new organic products, services, and resorts.

During her career as a designer she saw the need and demand for Green Design grow. She also won the Best of 2012 Houzz Award for her green design.

Her background, the need for green living combined with her passion, fueled her to launch Step Into My Green World. Her penchant for green and healthy living comes from growing up in the south of France with a grandfather and two uncles as MDs and following old world recipes passed from generation to generation and the Mediterranean diet.

Since she has so much knowledge in the green and organic space, she decided to share her knowledge with outers in her new blog called Step Into My Green World.

Step Into My Green World is an online green and healthy living platform were you can find anything and everything about living a healthy life – and Sophie did all the work for you!

Her mission is to create a more sustainable environment by reconnecting all of us with our Planet. Her goal is to bring you insights and knowledge from experts in the green and organic fields.
She will provide you with green living tips and information on how to lead a healthier life and make a positive impact on our planet. “My objective is to help you take a green step every day.” say Sophie.

With her help you can create a healthier environment for you and your family, be green and save money at the same time. San Francisco Mayor, Edwin Lee welcomes this new green and sustainable platform and supports it wholeheartedly. “The launch of ‘Step Into My Green World’ by Sophie Azouaou will allow San Francisco residents greater access to day-to-day tools, practical ideas and tips on how to work harder for a more sustainable and healthier future for the City and for themselves. Thank you Sophie for your continuous efforts and impact in our community.”

“ I am thrilled and honored to have Mayor Edwin Lee’s support ‘Step Into My Green World‘. We look forward to helping her readers lead a greener life and to being the national guide for every day green living,”states Sophie.

As a green living coach, Sophie can come to your home or office. She is often invited to host private or corporate events to educate families, friends and employees.

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