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March 5th, 2009
Meet Emily Wines Master Sommelier at Fifth Floor Restaurant

The Fifth Floor Restaurant - San Francisco

The Fifth Floor Restaurant - San Francisco

When I first moved to San Francisco, the Fifth Floor Restaurant was an iconic location with a waiting list as long as the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, since I was shooting footage for a TV show pilot a few weeks ago, it was a lot easier to get into this San Francisco institution. Thanks to the help of my PR pro Shaun Saunders.

You see, Fifth Floor is widely recognized as a jewel of fine dining in San Francisco. The restaurant is a exquisite space tucked away on the fifth floor of the Palomar Hotel, in the heart of San Francisco.
What makes the Fifth Floor restaurant so special is the fusion between California’s finest and the passion found only in France.

The Fifth Floor celebrates the natural geographical elements and culinary similarities between the Bay Area and southwestern France with incredible cuisine. The new Gascon-inspired menu by Culinary Director Laurent Manrique and hand-selected wine program by Master Sommelier Emily Wines join to create a wonderful dining experience.

Before our meal, I had a chance to meet with Master Sommelier Emily Wines. This amazing woman has hand-selected a list of more than 1,500 wines and spirits from Bordeaux, southwest France and California’s own Wine Country to complement Chef Laurent’s menu. This Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning list includes traditional wines and spirits from the Gascony region, including Lillet, Madiran, Cahors and a deep selection of Armagnacs.

The Wine Cellar at Fifth Floor Restaurant

The Wine Cellar at Fifth Floor Restaurant

Emily takes me to her wine cellar and shows me the proper way to pour and taste wine – just like a pro. This is must-watch video for all Divas who want to pour and taste wine properly.

To see photos of our wonderful night at Fifth Floor, please CLICK HERE.

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