Now that commercial Kombucha has started to disappear off store shelves after questions of alcohol content, what’s a kombucha fan to do?

Rancho Parnassus
to the rescue. The first retailer to provide kombucha on tap. There are also bottles to go. There’s the custom grilled panini, obscure beverages, awesome Thanksgiving Coffee from Fort Bragg and crazy interior decor. The back corner is usually taken up by computer creatives using the free wi-fi, in fact, if there was a posted mission statement it would say something about encouraging the use of their space for collaboration. Film crews, artists, writers, all are welcome to inspiration central, Rancho Parnassus, the cafe/studio/project incubator. Oh yeah, the food, it’s almost exclusively local and they manage to keep the prices down.

This oasis of calm is located on dicey 6th street, home to down on their luck side walk sitters and live work lofters. Visit this unpretentious community oasis that’s become a destination cafe.
Rancho Parnassus

Monday – Saturday

6 a.m. – Midnight

505 Minna Street @ 6th st

San Francisco, CA 94104

(415) 503-0700


San Francisco Kombucha Cafes


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