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November 23rd, 2008
Just open, pinch, sprinkle and enjoy!

Salts from the Saltistry are exotic, colorful, not fattening and affordable–in other words, the perfect gift! Choose from 5 flavor-infusion gift sets starting from novice flavors such as Herb Grey and Smoked Chili up to the connoisseur set featuring Fennel Pollen or Preserved Lemon salts- $18.

For something a little classier you can trade up to a gorgeous handcrafted saltbox made of cherry wood….a modern version of the old salt cellar. $45.

Got a free-spirit to buy for? Check out their cool “Jurassic Salt” Rocks, that are mined in ancient salt beds deep within the Himalayan’s. Each set comes nestled on a bamboo dish with a special Japanese Grater and three Salt crystals. $25

I swear there’s something for everyone on this site. Visit www.saltistry.com

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