Oh, how we Divas love the Swiss. They have created so many wonderful delights with such passion and precision: Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese, Swiss watches… Swiss men and, of course MBT shoes (Masai Barefoot Technology).

Since we enjoy giving away exquisite gifts to our members, we were thinking that a pair of Swiss-engineered MBTs would be the perfect accessory for your next active adventure. What could be better than a pair of shoes that help relieve foot and back pain, while reducing stress on knee and hip joints?

So, we want to know, What would you do with a pair of MBTs? Simply answer that question and 5 lucky (and creative) Divas will win a pair of MBTs.

To enter, just SEND EMAIL HERE.

Feel free to send a one-line answer or a playful, descriptive story. This is your chance to shine – so have fun with your response! When sending your reply, please include your first and last name. That’s it!

We don’t share your information with third parties, so your email and name are always safe with us. But if you do win, your name and entry will be shared online.

The five winners will be chosen by MBT’s public relations firm on May 15, 2011. Winners will be notified by email and on TangoDiva.com