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October 31st, 2008
Hurrah for Brandini Toffee- something yummy for all!

Brandini Toffee

Brandini Toffee

Our first holiday gift rave for 2008 is Brandini Toffee! We love it – and turns out it’s a real big hit – winning awards left and right. We give it FIRST PLACE for tasty delight to share, ship and show off!

Secret Recipe: Brandini Toffee is handmade with only four ingredients: butter, sugar, dark chocolate, and roasted almonds. If you love almond toffee – you have to try this. Sold in just a few retailers sprinkled thoughout California – it might be best to order online!

Started in 2007 by two high school friends Brandon and Leah to help fund a freshmen trip to Italy (selling candy works girls!) its now a full blown company selling worldwide. We love the inspiration!

Tango Diva member Sharon Eucce brought Brandini to our attention – she nuts about packaging and makes the Brandini packaging look great! A lux packaging expert – we count on Sharon to clue us in on latest on the market!

One thought on “Hurrah for Brandini Toffee- something yummy for all!

  1. Just found out that Brandini will also be on Oprah.com beginning November 11 for her Holiday Gift Guide! Yum is right!!

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