I recently received a Fall-special care package from SPLIT BEAN COFFEE, a Southern California based Micro-Roaster of single origin Nicaraguan Coffees, and confectioner of Artisan Quality Gourmet Sweets, featuring their world famous Alfajores La Misión® and their Dulces del Rocío® Award Winning Marshmallows. All of Split Beans products are freshly made by hand upon ordering, based on family recipes and traditional methods. I had a great time tasting a myriad of assorted candies, cookies and marshmallows. ( Does anyone know when you’re eating for business and not pleasure if the calories still count???)

Here’s my review:

1. Loved their freshly micro- roasted Dark Coffee–shade-grown, smooth, sweet and rich.

2. Dulce de Leche Alfajores: a South American shortbread cookie, traditionally filled with caramel. Even though it might be traditional, I bemoaned the fact that Split Bean’s Alfajores are made with margarine and missed that buttery finish. But, I would definitely check out their interesting sounding Halloween Pumpkin flavored version.

3. My hands down fave was their “Mallows”. Stirred by hand, these colorful fluffy clouds are 4 times the size of their stale grocery store counterparts and simply bursting with fun flavors. Here are a few of their Fall flavor offerings : eggnog, pumpkin, chocolate and a very interesting Sweet & Spicy Chili-flavored mallow. (I’m ordering these to top my Thanksgiving baked sweet-tater casserole. And maybe just a few of their chocolate covered ones for dress-up s’mores.)