The hair care category is flooded with brands that compete for our attention and dollars. We are bombarded by messaging touting exclusive formulas and exotic ingredients that will keep our locks looking shiny, silky and renewed. But, I pose the question – Have you found that perfect product that delivers on the promise? If you are like me, your bathroom cabinets and vanities are crowded with the next best bet in hair care.

Sometimes, it takes a living breathing testimonial to help you discover the right product choices. You CAN rewrite your personal hair story.
It was a young gal, Rani, at a reception counter that showed me the way.

Rani’s cut and style were simple, but each strand was silky smooth. Her big smile was beautifully complemented by an all-encompassing halo of healthy shine. Lucky for me, she happily shared her hair care find. Thank you Rani!

So, happenstance led me to Hairstory and the emerging “less is more” revolution.

Rani’s hair story resonated with me.

Hairstory is a rebel, an agent of change, motivating divas everywhere to move away from suds and discover a new way to see hair.

The Hairstory product line was created by Michael Gordon, the founder of Bumble and Bumble.

Gordon and his team focused on developing a gentle cleansing and styling line that would shake up the industry. Hairstory was born out of a philosophy that “less is more”. The product line does not use harsh detergents or silicone.

Essential oils and naturally derived saturated ingredients found in plants like jojoba, aloe, peppermint and sunflower are the preferred cleansing agents. Hairstory’s NEW WASH, works to condition and coat the scalp. The process is gentle yet effective. The scalp is not tricked into overproducing oil to compensate for loss of its protective layer. So there is no stripping or over-drying as with other products. With NEW WASH, you can simplify. It is an all in one solution. No need for conditioner or masques.

Hairstory works on all hair types, regardless of race, age, texture or length.

In an effort to try to make a comparison, the WEN line came to mind. But I quickly learned, WEN falls short. WEN’s formula is silicone based. Be forewarned, if you apply silicone to your scalp and fail to remove it, it can build up and clog leading to potentially disastrous results.

Learn WHY Suds Suck. Check out the video on the official Hairstory website.

It may take a few Hairstory washes before you fully surrender. Given hair care habits are hard to break, getting used to the wash will take a little time. There is no lather, as one would expect, and you need to really focus on the application.

Recommended Usage: Wet hair and apply 3-5 pumps to scalp and roots. Massage into scalp for 1-2 minutes. If your ends are dry, apply additional product and work it through strands. Note: the amount will depend on hair length and thickness. Use a wide-tooth comb to disperse. Rinse thoroughly. The product is safe and gentle enough to use every day. But after the adjustment phase (1-2 weeks), you will be able to go 3 to 5 days between washes.

Hairstory understands that final touches can make or break your beauty statement.

Hairstory’s styling products, created to complement NEW WASH, enhance hair for a beautiful finished look.

Whether you are a blow-out diva or surf side beach babe, you can capture your mood effortlessly.

Try one or the entire Hairstory Styling Trio:

Hair Balm: A moisturizing and nourishing crème base that is perfect for air-drying. Use on wet or dry hair.
Dressed Up: A light styling lotion. Use for blow-outs, settings and updos. Dressed Up adds body and an invisible soft-touch holding power.
Undressed (Déshabillé): A texturing spray that creates a modern and elegant disheveled look making messy the new sexy.

Where to Buy:  The Hairstory Online Shop
Suggested Retail:
• NEW WASH (8 fl. oz):$40
• HAIR BALM (4 fl. oz.):$36
• UNDRESSED (8 fl. oz):$38
• DRESSED UP (4 fl. oz.):$36

Special Savings:
The NEW WASH Club is Hairstory’s recurring shipment plan.
Customers set the frequency and can pause or cancel shipments at any time.

Refill Cost: $90 for each 20 ounce soft pouch refill. The first NEW WASH Club order includes an aluminum application bottle. The cost per wash drops to about $1 per wash with club membership.

Say YES to beautiful healthy hair and NO to suds!

The story begins with you. Join the Revolution.

Product and Hair Photo Images Courtesy of Hairstory.