I recently returned from a seminar on The Mediterranean Food Diet, and one of my favorite speakers was Max McCalman, one of the cheese world’s living legends for his expertise, insight and passion.(Plus, he’s razor thin and lives on cheese-even those triple-creme delights. He spoke about the wide range of health benefits that eating cheese provides ranging from calming down your A.D.D. kid to helping your sex life…who knew?) As America’s first restaurant-based Maître Fromager and a Garde et Jure as designated by France’s exclusive Guilde des Fromagers, Max established the critically acclaimed cheese programs at New York City’s Picholine and Artisanal restaurants over the past decade and has become a highly visible advocate for artisanal cheese production around the world.

So since I’ve now jumped on the “cheese-is-good-for-all-that-ails-you-diet-plan,” I’m stocking up on Max’s Pick’s For the Week for all my hostess gifts. Another sure winner in the gift department is to sign up for their Artisanal Cheese of the Month Club. If you live in NYC or plan to visit than how about a gift certificate for one of Artisanal Cheese Classes, where you will expand your knowledge of cheese types, textures, and cheese presentation while having fun pairing cheese and wine (or perhaps another exciting pairing such as cheese and champagne, cheese and cognac, beer, brandy, bourbon, and sake too.)

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