During the holidays, there is always at least one person on the list who is difficult to buy for. He or she usually has everything they need, and if they want something, they don’t wait for someone else to give it to them, they just go out and buy it themselves. For these individuals, I suggest giving a gift in their name to an organization that works to protect our oceans: Oceana. This year marks the organization’s third year of its holiday gift giving program and all proceeds go toward Oceana and protecting the world’s oceans.

Here’s how it works:

  • Holiday shoppers may visit www.oceana.org/adopt to symbolically adopt one of ten marine creatures, including a dolphin, shark, sea turtle, octopus, seal, penguin or polar bear.
  • After selecting, you’ll be directed to an online fulfillment page. There are various donation levels depending on how much you are able to give, and in return for the donation you’ll receive either a matching cookie cutter or plush toy (credit proctor). Donation levels range from $35 to $150. If you ship before Dec 15th = FREE shipping
  • It’s also possible to personalize and frame the adoption certificate, and to have gifts specially wrapped. Great family gift.

Our oceans are becoming dangerously polluted, which not only threatens all of the marine creatures who make their homes in the water, but it threatens humans as well. If nothing else, we should work to save 70% of the world’s surface because we’re being selfish.

To give back to our oceans, visit www.oceana.org/adopt