Named one of Natural Home Magazine’s “Top Ten Green Gifts of 2008,” Willow Creek Studio Memory Blankets are beautifully handmade quilts that are made out of carefully selected pieces of clothing or fabric that hold special meaning. Whether you would like a loved one to be able to re-live moments from a child’s first year, or their own athletic accomplishments, such as his string of bowling league championships or a year of 10K races, Willow Creek Studio memory blankets can help everyone give a perfect and unique gift to make the holidays special.

Clothes have so many memories. Don’t pack these memories away in the attic; instead, have them made into a Memory Blanket that can be cherished forever.With the holidays right around the corner, Willow Creek Studio gift certificates, which can be purchased online, make a very unique and perfect last minute gift!

It only takes 16 pieces of baby clothing to make a baby memory blanket and 36 pieces of adult clothing for a 48″ blanket. Once your loved one receives their gift certificate, they can make time to sit down and choose their favorite items. It’s a great time for everyone to sit and reflect on wonderful memories and share stories of those special moments.

Pricing for Memory Blankets:
Baby memory blankets (made with newborn/toddler clothing) 32″ x 32″ Memory Blanket start at $75.00

Adult memory blankets (made with adult clothing) 48″ x 48″ Memory Blanket – start at $125.00.

Once the items have been collected, they should be sent to Willow Creek along with the Memory Blanket Order Form. The staff at Willow Creek Studio put great time, care and attention to detail into creating a very special gift. The gift recipient will be able to wrap themselves warm in their precious memories in 4-6 weeks from the order date.

About Willow Creek Studio
In 2003, Michelle Rubin took the leap and started her own company, Willow Creek Baby. She started sewing vintage inspired patchwork baby blankets and hit the road selling them. After the birth of her son, Ryan, in 2004, she was inspired to make her first memory blanket. She was packing up his outgrown clothing when she realized that she could not put the lid on the box, instead she wanted to reminisce over each piece of clothing. Then it came to her. Why not use his clothing to make a blanket that could hold those childhood memories for a lifetime? At that moment, on the bedroom floor, she cut his tiny clothing into squares and created the first memory blanket. Since then Willow Creek Baby blankets have graced the pages of numerous publications and have even fallen into the hands of celebrity parents, Jessica & Jerry Seinfeld. This year, due to popular demand, the company has expanded their offering beyond their popular line of baby blankets. The company, now called Willow Creek Studio provided a unique way for everyone to preserve their own precious memories. Visit for more information.