Forgot the sunscreen? Need something to jazz up a tired outfit? Bad hair day? Bring it on baby– these are all no problemo since I discovered San Diego Hat Company. Offering a wide variety of colorful materials and the hottest styles in town SDHC hats have the answer to any situation. Whether your looking for a beach hat that provides instant shade, a rain hat that’s functional yet stylish, or a wool cap that will keep your ears toasty, you’ll find it here.

When I received my invite to attend the international thoroughbred horse races in York, England this summer I was informed that I should wear my “poshest frock and hat” for this event. After feverishly searching through San Diego’s catalog, I finally selected the B & W one above- which I think will do quite nicely. And no problem with the sun or packing since this attractive topper (and many others) offers UPF 50+ sun protection, plus it can be rolled up or squished into a corner and upon arrival just shake it out and like magic, it snaps back to its original shape. Extra credit points for the self- adjusting tie around the brim that provides a perfect fit no matter how big your head is.

Check the website for other styles (the grey and gold was my runner up choice) and where to buy in your area.