The Spiral Circle Walk at Red Mountain Resort & Spa

The Red Mountain Resort and Spa in St. George, Utah is offering several different life-enrichment retreats designed to help you relax, renew, and find new direction and inspiration. One package is the Life Compass Retreat, which starts at $429 for six days and five nights. It’s led by Cindy Clemens, Red Mountain’s life coach and author of the book “Life Is a Do-Over.” In addition to her guidance, the stay includes:

§ Four Workshops (“Find and Follow Your Life Compass”; “Make Room for YOU in Your Life”; “Conquer Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs”; and “Resign as Master of the Universe”)

§ 50-Minute Private Coaching Session with Life Coach

§ Telephone Session After Returning Home with Life Coach

§ Goodie Bag from Life Coach

§ Special Red Feather Fire Ceremony

§ Deluxe Accommodations with High-Speed Internet Service

§ Three Delicious and Nutritious Meal Daily

§ Daily Guided Morning Hikes

§ Unlimited Fitness Classes Including Yoga, Pilates, Chi Ball and Drums Alive

§ Healthy Life Classes and Events at the Wellness Center

§ Personal Discovery Activities; Meditation Hikes, Fire Ceremonies, Tai Chi On The Rocks and More

§ Eat Well, Feel Well Cooking Demonstrations

§ Use of Resort Amenities Including Indoor and Seasonal Outdoor Pools, Bicycles, Walking Trails, Strength and Cardio Studios

In 2009, this trip is available April 5 – 10, May 27 – June 1, September 20 – 25, November 4 – 9 and December 6 – 11. If this package doesn’t sound quite right, Red Mountain has a number of other “Personal Discovery” deals on their website. And for more on the resort, check out Robert Painter’s essay on his stay there.

If you make a reservation – please use referral Patti Mangan, Co-Founder Tango Diva and long time user of this destination!