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Frequent road-trippers heading to Michigan from Wisconsin know the hassle of driving through Chicago, Illinois almost any time of day. Weather permitting, Lake Express car ferry to the rescue, covering the eighty miles of Lake Michigan separating Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Muskegon, Michigan.

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Tickets are kind of spendy, but hey, convenience doesn’t come cheap. The one-way fare is $93.50/person, another $103 charge for your vehicle. Since you’re on a splurge, go all the way and upgrade to the $115 Premier Cabin, a private section on the bow, complete with free wi-fi, food service, and no children allowed….. not that there’s anything wrong with the little darlings.

If you get queasy on those choppy waves, remember to take along your meds, or better yet, those pressure point bracelets, they really work. Sometimes the ferry concession has extras. As you glide, or bob, along Lake Michigan, look up at the airplanes taking off from Milwaukee International Airport. (MKE)

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Sailboats and kite surfers are a welcome sight as the Lake Express arrives in Muskegon. A short distance away is USS Silversides Submarine Museum giving tours of the USS LST 393, in operation since 1943. Get your picnic goodies at Muskegon Farmers Market, then hop over to Ryke’s Bakery for dessert, and finish your day with a cold one at Unruly Brewing Company.

Continuing your road trip? Muskegon is a two and a half-hour drive to Detroit. A mere 233 miles later you will reach Toronto.

photographs ©lynnfriedman