You will never guess who I ran into at the Cathay Pacific Roadshow in San Francisco the other day! My former student, Vanessa Chan, all grown up and working as a flight attendant on this glorious airline. I was astounded–hadn’t she just been a teenager fixing her make-up before class in a little wooden desk using a little compact mirror?

Did you know that I used to be a high school English teacher? Well, it was one of the best jobs I ever had, and though I didn’t end up in the field, I will always be a teacher at heart. The only reason I’m not at Vanessa’s school today is that there were lots of politics at work in the urban public school district, and a young, unseasoned teacher like me with new-fangled ideas just out of Teachers’ College didn’t stand a chance. It’s like I always say: "The problem with teaching isn’t the kids; it’s the adults!" I adore all my former students and hope to run into each and every one someday! :) 

How time flies! That’s her there on the Roadshow’s Website. You’ll notice, too, that the Roadshow is coming to a city near you this fall:

Vancouver Oct 16 – 17, Calgary Oct 19, Toronto Oct 24-25, New York Oct 30 – Nov 2, Dallas Nov 6.

And what is all the hubbub about? Cathay Pacific has spent a mint on revamping their cabins, revealing utterly new Economy, Business and First Classes. The flat-screen tv’s are huge, and you can lie all the way down in Business Class. They also boast a second non-stop flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, and daily non-stops to Hong Kong from LA, SF, NY, Vancouver and Toronto.

Safe travels to you, my dear Vanessa! If you find yourself on one of her flights, do say ‘hello’ from me. She will know me by the name Miss Block. :)

  Vanessa Chan and Stephanie Block