I can’t believe that this year is almost over and winter is creeping in like a long-legged spider through an open window. The weather in San Francisco has been kind to us with warm days and cool, calm nights. So, my friends and I have been taking advantage of this gentle autumn and all the fabulous events San Francisco has to offer.

Wednesday night: I hosted a lovely cocktail party at my home in SOMA. I had around 15 friends over and we chatted about everything from our new president to the crazy economy.

Friday night: Our neighbor Matt got one of his iPhone applications approved by Apple and now he is selling “Buzz Buddy” for .99 cents a download and he had 100 downloads in the first day. So, we went out to celebrate with a group of our friends at Tres Agaves on Townsend Street in San Francisco. Tres Agaves is known for their incredible selection of tequilas. As my friends know, I don’t drink tequila since my “come to Jesus” experience a few years ago.

Celebrating Matt's new application for Apple - the Buzz Buddy
Celebrating Matt's new application for Apple - the Buzz Buddy

Saturday afternoon my husband treated me a lovely afternoon of shopping at Union Square and Westfield mall. We enjoyed a big pasta lunch at Little Joe’s on Mission Street, then we strolled over to Bloomsdale’s where I tried on a ton of sun glasses until I found the perfect Doir sun glasses with Swarovski Crystal.
Donning my new rock star shades, we headed to Neiman Marcus where I was the lucky lady who scored a pair of classic Christian louboutin stilettos. I was feeling so Sex and the City!

That night, we went to a performance at the OmniCircus at 550 Natoma Street at Russ. Natoma is the street that we live on, so it was just a short skip, hop, and a jump to the performance. The best way to describe OmniCircusis, hum…. Robo Cop meets Shakespeare on acid! It is a grassroots group who creates an odd cabaret of live performances, video, robots, and musicians. I highly recommend attending a performance – we’ve got to support out local arts scene, darlings. Their next Show is on Saturday December 13th. I would attend, but I’ll be in St. Kitts.

Sunday was my favorite day. I spent the afternoon with my dear friend and confidant David. San Francisco was shining bright that day, so we drove my convertible over to Sausalito for late brunch at Cavallo Point.

Teresa Enjoying Sunday Brunch at Cavallo Point
Teresa Enjoying Sunday Brunch at Cavallo Point

Cavallo Point is the newst hotel in Marin County and it is nestled in a cozy meadow right under the Golden Gate Bridge. They have a wonderful restaurant with plush chairs on the porch, overlooking the meadow and bay. Also there is a wonderful healing center and spa and a hotel with 68 historic and 74 contemporary guest rooms and suites. Virtually all rooms feature stunning views of San Francisco, the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Marin Headlands. Our brunch was basic, but the view, champagne and company was stellar.

Sunday night, David and I were VIP guests to the opening of Dame Edna’s performance in San Francisco. I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 5 years – where Dame Edna was birthed by the comedian Barry Humphries – so I couldn’t wait to see the Dame live. The performance was fun, but not the place to go with your girlfriends if you want to meet straight men. Oh, the boys were hot, but they played for the other team. FOR TICKETS: http://www.unionsquaretheatres.com/dameedna.html

After the show, we went to the after party at Le Coloniel for champagne and passed hors d’veours. I chatted with Greg Archer for most of the evening, trying to come up with a new online show idea. Greg is a doll and I’d love to do some on-camera work with him.

After the champers and crab cakes, we ended the night with a lovely glass of rose at A16. A16 is a restaurant and wine bar named after the highway that transverses the Southern Italian region of Campania. So you can imagine, the food and the wine are wonderful!

So, that was my week in review. How about you, what did you do?