We have this fabulous Tango Diva travel photo contest going on – and many of you are still sitting on the fence! With only 18 days left to enter – taking some time browsing thru your photo collection can only be a truly pleasurable trip down memory lane. Possibly discovering a winning photo! Submit! Win! The Carmel creative get-away with Artista is divine!

I wish I had a photo of the day we spent in Liechtenstein sitting on a fence. Linda, Gillian and I were resting our bums on a rickety fence while gazing at the castle up on the hill. Suddenly that poor old fence gave way and we all came crashing down. Oh what I would give for a photo of that moment! We laughed all the way to Austria.

Castle Liechtenstein is quite small (62 square miles) and the one fact that has stuck with me thru the years is that they are number 1 in the world in producing postage stamps. Last Tuesday the HSH Prince Alois of Liechtenstein spoke at the World Affairs Council of Northern California. It was a sold out event. The Prince is the world’s 5th wealthiest head-of-state, with an estimated wealth of 4 billion dollars! He’s still single gals. Check out the castle!



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