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July 5th, 2006

My 4th of July weekend was interesting. My husband and I flew to St. Louis and then drove out to Mt. Vernon, Ill. for the Williamson family renunion. Did you know that Walmart serves fried chicken? I did not know that. Nor did I know that not many veggies are harmed in the making of food in this tiny mid-American town.

So after eating steak, fried chicken, ice cream, potatoe salad, cake, etc., etc. I have decided that I need to clean my body out – if you are what you eat, right now I am the cafeteria of a Walmart. ick.

I am reading this book about a 7-day detox, so I thought that I would try it out. Today I have to give up food. Only lemon water for me. I love to eat healthy, good food, so this is going to be a bit hard for me. I am a grazer, I snack throughout the day. I eat lots of nuts, dips like hummas, and tortillas with cheese (yum!). It is 1:00 pm, and so far so good. No food has crossed my lips today. I’ll keep you posted.



5 thoughts on “Detoxing

  1. Omigosh- I am SO detoxing TOO this summer! Juicy Lucy on Columbus offers to help people with 10 day (lord have mercy) juice-only fasts. They’ll juice everything up for you in the right amounts, and all you have to do is drive up and grab your juices for the day! I’m going to try 5-7 days if I can, which starts on July 11th. My friend who just did a 10 day juice fast said, and the owner of Juicy Lucy agrees, that the first 3 days is when you feel awful, but if you can make it past that, you’ll feel better and enjoy mad, crazy benefits as your poor system rids itself of toxins.

    Tango Diva disclaimer: consult your doctor first!! Detoxes are not recommended for people with certain conditions like diabetes and heart issues, etc. Be careful out there, toxic Divas! :)

  2. Maybe we can do a Tango Diva Detox! We can all do it together and support each other. I still have not eaten, and I feel like a wet rag.

    Would anyone else be interested??


  3. Hey, I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for 3 weeks… lost 10 pounds, yep. 40 more to go… YIKES. Sounds like you had a roustin’ time in Ill. and got “ill” from all that fried chicken!

  4. I’d love to participate in a Tango Diva Detox; summer’s really starting to catch up with me, and I’m planning on being at my very best before I depart on my first ever “flyin’ solo” trip to Sydney!

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