My 4th of July weekend was interesting. My husband and I flew to St. Louis and then drove out to Mt. Vernon, Ill. for the Williamson family renunion. Did you know that Walmart serves fried chicken? I did not know that. Nor did I know that not many veggies are harmed in the making of food in this tiny mid-American town.

So after eating steak, fried chicken, ice cream, potatoe salad, cake, etc., etc. I have decided that I need to clean my body out – if you are what you eat, right now I am the cafeteria of a Walmart. ick.

I am reading this book about a 7-day detox, so I thought that I would try it out. Today I have to give up food. Only lemon water for me. I love to eat healthy, good food, so this is going to be a bit hard for me. I am a grazer, I snack throughout the day. I eat lots of nuts, dips like hummas, and tortillas with cheese (yum!). It is 1:00 pm, and so far so good. No food has crossed my lips today. I’ll keep you posted.