I’m a girl who loves to know the history of the place I am visiting — even more so when it’s kitsch. And Santo Domingo de la Calzada has a great story to share!

The Cathedral is famous for the live cock and hen kept in a cage in celebration of a local legend involving a young German pilgrim and an innkeeper’s daughter, and a miraculous intervention by St. James that saved that the pilgrim’s life after he had been strung up on the gallows.

I went to the Pilgrims’ mass tonight and had a giggle at the loud “SQUAK!” every few minutes that came from above.

Today was my first day after a two day break, recovering from my nasty infected blisters and fever. I think the break was just what I needed because I woke up feeling GREAT and ready to take on today’s nearly 23km walk.

Sleeping in Nájera was definitely funny because all the pilgrims in the albergue had a case of the giggles all night long — methinks they were appreciating all the vino La Rioja had to offer!