Teresa and Liza Tango Diva StockholmI rolled out of bed at 1:00 pm today. Not too sure if I should blame the jetlag or those crazy apple martinis slash champagne cocktails. I’m sticking with jetlag. The day was spent going through 200 e-mails and rehydrating. It was Liza’s birthday and she invited me to a private birthday party at her best friend’s home. What a fabulous invitation! A meal in a Swedish home! And not any ol’ Swede. Her best friend is also a countess, actually related to the man who shot Gustav III at the Masked Ball (remember I just went to see that opera two weeks ago!).

The dinner party included Liza, her best friend and countess/hostess, a gorgeous Ugandan friend from Oslo, and a darling male family friend who has seven children by a few different women. What an impressive line up!

Everyone was so kind and they all tried really hard to speak basic English during the evening. I must admit, some spoke better English than others. While they did their best to keep the conversation on international topics and culture, things quickly went down hill when the wrong English word was used accidentally.

Let me set the scene….

We are all chatting lightly about our families, and the older gentleman looks over to the big, beautiful black man and says, “So, how long are you?” Now, everyone else is trying to figure out what he means… “How TALL are you? How OLD are you?” or maybe “How long have you been here?” Whatever he meant, I started laughing, while trying to explain what was so funny. Once explain, everyone started laughing and we just could not stop. For the rest of the night, we would look over to the big, beautiful black Ugandan and ask, “So, how LONG are you?”

After dinner, Liza and I explored Stockholm. First she took me to P.A. & Co. at Riddargatan, 114 35 Stockholm. It’s a chic bar that is always packed with Stockholm’s finest. If you want to see a bar full of Swedish models, theis is the place to go! We closed the bar down and then headed over to the Opera Café, which is a nightclub connected to the opera. But the only drama that’s going on in there is love gone wrong or too many Absolut vodka shots.

Once again, home at some ridiculous hour and ready to tackle my next day of fun!

Check out the hotel that I am staying at, it is pretty darn nice!
Hotel Diplomat.