I just saved over $400 on airline tickets to Cancun from SFO because I talked to a…… real, live PERSON! Yes, step aside expedia and Orbiz, and welcome to the world of 1-800-Your-Airline. Remember the olden days? Where you would call your airline and talk to a lovely airline respresentative and they would give you a few options about your flight? You would laugh and share post-Thanksgiving stories while the computer looked for flight information.

Guess what? They still do! But we have gotten so wound up over the Internet that we foget about this great service. 

I looked online and the ticket price was around $800-$1200 per person from SFO to Cancun (okay, I should have booked them over 21 days in advance). So, I took my own advice and called a few different airlines. United was good, but American Airlines was ever better! The great thing is, you can book your ticket with a real live person and then search the Internet for a better deal before you have to pay for it. If you don’t find a better price, call back before your reservation expires and you are good to go!

Our tickets on American Airlines are $640 per person over the holidays. Now, that is what I call good hunting!

American Airlines: 800-433-7300

United: 800-864-8331

JetBlue: 1800-538-2583