Fasten your seat belts for the latest trend in canine street couture – Buckle-Down Collars & Leads.

Buckle-Down has humble beginnings. The company grew out of the creative passion of a young college student, Ross Labelson who began creating apparel accessories from recycled automotive seatbelts. The makeshift assembly line in Ross’s dorm room has now grown to a successful international business offering fresh and innovative products for people and pets. Buckle-Down’s signature seatbelt buckle designs are edgy, eclectic, and expressive on every level. Show-stopping graphics and artistic themes are sure to turn heads.

Dog owners will delight in the limitless patterns and cool color combinations. 

“Stylish self-expression for you & your beloved companion.”

“Trust No One” is a favorite for the fearless pup featuring small skulls and crossbones throughout; “Peace Flowers” decorated with neon peace signs is a flashback to the 60’s – a true reflection of your pet’s inner Zen. And, the new Grateful Dead inpired line will keep any four-legged friend truckin’ in style.

But beyond the beauty, Buckle-Down offers the finest in form and functionality. Sturdy nylon straps and the security of a buckle that is said to have the strength to pull the weight of a car makes the product line truly unique.  

Even the feistiest of fidos won’t be breaking away anytime soon wearing a Buckle-Down collar!

Retail: $20-$30 per collar or lead.

Buckle-Down products are made-to-order and are manufactured in the USA. 

Available in Petco, Pet Food Express Stores and pet specialty stores.

Check out the Buckle-Down Facebook Fan Page for contests and promotions.