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Did we mention Christopher Plummer stars in Boundaries? Reason enough to see this hit first screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

We meet Laura (Vera Farmiga), an insecure single mom who can’t seem to get her life together or find a man who can live with her and a bunch of stray dogs running amok.

And it gets worse. Her irresponsible bad dad, (Christopher Plummer), gets kicked out of yet another retirement home, busted one last time for pot-dealing. In desperation, he rings up his estranged daughter. Full of repressed rage, Laura reluctantly agrees to chauffeur him to southern California. Along for the ride, Laura’s wise-beyond-years son shares the back seat yet another stray pup.

Now it gets better, for the audience anyway, as dad insists on unscheduled stops to visit his eccentric pals (Peter Fonda & Bobby Cannavale).
So why is there a secret money stash in the trunk? Is anyone going to tell mom?

What a treat watching these seasoned actors having a great time on screen. We get so much more than a typical road trip film.
Best of all, Laura learns she has boundaries.