Leslie Ross: Babes in the Bac CountryWe were just introduced to Babes in the Back Country – operated by Leslie Ross (in photo) and based in Beckenridge Colorado! Babes in the Backcountry is dedicated to educating women in outdoor skills to enable them to become more knowledgeable, self reliant and confident in the backcountry. Check out the classlist and trip schedule to see if there is a fit for you!

We have coupons good for $10 off a class if you are a Tango Diva member. Thanks Alison!!

10 REASONS WHY TO TAKE A CLASS WITH THE BABES! To learn something new or travel to some place you’ve never been before! To become more self reliant in the backcountry through learning about avalanche safety techniques! To learn how to Telemark or improve your technique! To learn from the top female educators in their field! To meet other women backcountry enthusiasts! To experience a backcountry hut trip or winter camping! To try out new equipment! To ski untracked powder! To be a Backcountry Babe! To have a fun getaway!


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