I was never a fan of Al Gore. And since the circus act known as the 2000 presidential election he has been off my radar. Until last night. My husband and I went to see “An Inconvenient Truth” and we both left the theatre with tears in our eyes and a commitment to help stop global warming.

Seeing this movie should be mandatory. It should be taken out of the movie theaters and put on every national television station for 24 hours straight. Baseball games should stop and this movie should be played in stadiums across the country.

I am not an activist. I don’t hug trees or drive a Prius, but after this movie I am seriously thinking of ways that I can help stop global warming. The crazy thing is that you would think the United States would be part of the solution. But we are the biggest contributors to this problem!!! Our country is responsible for 30% of all the Carbon dioxide emissions that is killing the planet. 30%!!!! That is CRAZY!

This movie is so powerful that my husband – a conservative republican (don’t hate him) left the movie theatre talking like a democrat! He was questioning the role that our own government has in this problem. He even said, “ For all the money we have wasted on the war in Iraq, we could have converted thousands of homes to solar power, and that would help save the planet!”  

Please see the movie. It is the first step in many steps that need to happen. But if we each take responsibiley for our role, we will be able to save this planet for our children and grandchildren.

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