by Alexa Trotta

Feeling lonely at nine o’clock on a Sunday night? Perusing television channels in desperation, only to find “Cops” and reruns of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”?

Get off that couch—and plan a trip to New York City, where you can toss your dusty sneakers out the window and strap on a pair of Manolo stilettos!

On Location Tours in New York City offers you the chance to slip into the shoes of the girls from “Sex and the City.” Peruse their favorite shopping hotspots, visit their regular eateries, and discover the places where they dished about men, found love, and got entangled in plenty of hilarious situations.

The “Sex and the City” Tour, which began in 2001, mixes fiction with reality, bringing fans one step closer to the fabulous lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. On the three-hour tour, you’ll have the opportunity to reminisce as you watch clips from the show and check out the girls’ favorite locations. Visit Carrie’s beloved Jimmy Choo’s, check out a bar where the girls sipped cocktails, and visit the bakery where Miranda enjoyed one too many cupcakes.

On Location runs tours year round, providing guests with a charming and often comical glimpse into the characters’ lives. You can be sure you’ll meet many other like-minded ladies (and a scattering of gents) with whom you can spend the afternoon gossiping and laughing about the dating adventures, fashion successes, and faux pas of the beloved “Sex” girls. Whether you want a large group—up to fifty-three fans—or just a few of your own special girlfriends to join you as you sip champagne and tour the city in a private limousine, the tour is a must see for any die-hard “Sex and the City” fan.

On Location Tours founder Georgette Blau explains, “The tour is a great combination of activities for women, from shopping to drinking; it’s really a great way to remember the show.”
For although the series ended in 2004, the audience’s love affair with the hip and sassy foursome has not. And with the series now in syndication, the series’ popularity shows no signs of fading. Cathy Wilke, marketing director for On Location Tours says, “There isn’t an ending point for this tour. It’s become even more popular after the series ended, with people going through ‘Sex and the City’ withdrawals.”

And for those who perhaps couldn’t quite get hooked into the four girls’ lives, don’t despair: On Location Tours also caters to “Sopranos” junkies, as well as fans of “Seinfeld” and “Friends” and just about any other show, miniseries, or movie that features The Big Apple. Other tours that are currently offered include the New York TV and Movie Tour and the Central Park Movie Tour. Tickets run from fifteen to forty dollars, depending on the tour. If you are interested in private or group rates, contact On Location for more information.

While you’re visiting the City That Never Sleeps, treat yourself to a bit of luxury and stay in style at one of the many elegant hotels New York has to offer. The hip and trendy Flatotel is within walking distance to Central Park and Times Square. If you’re looking for some spectacular views of the New York skyline, try out the sleek and modern Bentley, located on the East Side. (For more hotel options and to plan your trip, check out

For Divas in need of an escape from that impending deadline—or from that a sweet but overbearing boyfriend—On Location Tours is just the thing to whisk you away for an afternoon. For even though you might not be able to afford those $485 Manolos, it’s great to pretend—even for only one episode.

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