You know those cute little boutiques that can often lend you your favorite objects and clothes? The ones where just being in them makes you feel … hip? The hip new website, hipshops, is a haven for those stores (and all who shop in them) where unique clothes and one-of-a-kind finds are what it’s all about.

The website features 14 different cities (all in Europe, excluding New York) with listings of hip shops to visit. But this is no craigslist format. The website features a stunning, minimalist and clean layout which lets the stunning photography take center-stage. I feel cool just looking at the website.

Each shop is carefully reviewed and must have: “a premium quality of the merchandise (hard to find items, local source products are a bonus) coupled with an original and inspired interior design (with a penchant for the use of eco-friendly building materials), well-groomed staff (a good knowledge of the items on sale, willingness to help and serve clients’ needs, nice attitude and a look in line with the shop’s image are a must) and of course, last but not least, a coherent graphic concept for the shop’s identity and communication tools (printed materials, website etc).”

That’s quite a criteria. But this way you know that every store on the website is the hippest of the hip.

But the website doesn’t end there. You can make an account and create a personalized list of shops you want to visit, and then print off a nifty little guide to accompany you on your trip. You can also recommend shops to be considered for the website.

With an idea this fresh and so well-executed, I just couldn’t resist sharing. Now, go out in search of the hippest shops (and let us know what you find)!

Just one of their London shops (click through to hipshop website)