Design gurus, feast your eyes on this. Maison La Vallette is a design masterpiece and the perfect place to call home while exploring the intriguing city of Valletta, the capital of the island nation of Malta off the coast of Italy.

Essentially, Maison La Vallette is a self-catering luxury town house with a large bedroom, en-suite facilities, living room, and kitchen, in a house that dates back to the Knights of Malta. The space is great, but the decor is even better. With an eclectic mix of Maltese style baroque and designer furniture it will feel as if you’re living in Elle Decor.

“The attraction of the suite is that it provides a fun and exciting experience that stimulates the senses and lifts the spirit,” reads their website. “It reflects the lifestyle, attitudes, and values of the guests who are drawn to the place and provides real value to the modern sophisticated traveller.”

And the perks keep coming with a library, crystal chandeliers, music and movies, and more.

This is bound to be the next accommodation sensation and fully diva approved!