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February 16th, 2011
A Rhapsody of Musical Talent and Southern Hospitality: Aiken, South Carolina

The charming City of Aiken, South Carolina will come alive in early March with the masterful musical sounds of the Juilliard School of Music. The School has been an integral part of Aiken’s cultural and arts scene since 2007. Performances of the school’s celebrated faculty, students and alumni are showcased each year in the Juilliard in Aiken Festival which this year spans over seven days. In addition to the outstanding series of jazz and classical musical presentations, guests will delight in the artistic dance and theatre acts added to the 2011 lineup. Educational workshops and enrichment classes have also included to the schedule.

A visit to Aiken is an intimate invitation to enjoy true Southern hospitality. The splendor of Aiken’s green pastures, horse country, and the area’s rich history, 175 years of tradition and heart warming tales, will leave you light-hearted and mesmerized. I am told many have visited but so few have ever left. For tickets, vacation planning tips and a calendar of events, visit Aiken Tourism online or call 1-888-AikenSC.
Aiken Hotel Packages starting at $89 per person/night.

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