DSC_0247When I first started TangoDiva—10 years ago! One of my goals was to connect women from all walks of life, one of our TangoDiva members I was lucky enough to connect with is Kalyani from Sri Lanka. We have never met, but throughout the years I have learned about her life. She is a single mom who is a banker. She sent me this email and I wanted to share it with you…..

DSC_0259My Dear Teresa,

I am sending the details and photos of the children who need helps. They live in a very rural village named GALENBINDUNUWEWA. It is about 32 miles away from Anuradhapura. I came to know about these children from a friend who lives there. She said that I should visit their Montessori and discuss with the teacher of the children.

I went there and visit the teacher and children, they are very poor. They do not have facilities to study. Most of the villagers are farmers and fishermen. They have problems. They are having more problems now as they did not get enough rain in this year for their cultivations.

Most of the children do not have shoes to wear. They have only one uniform to wear for the whole week. Many do not have pencils, books and other things they need for writing, reading and drawing. I saw some children using pencils which have become shorter, because of using for a long time.

If you can post the details and pictures of the children on your website and give a help to support to these children, it will be great. Please mention my e mail addresses  for more information, when you post the details.


Love, Kalyani



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