View from Hotel Josef  Tango Diva Teresa WilliamsonI’m getting used to being a traveling bohemian. I’m re-wearing smoky clothes and not washing my hair everyday. I’m not too worried if my stomach is growling or my feet hurt. I just keep walking. I’ve been cold since I got to Europe and I’m becoming accustomed to the chill I feel when getting hit by the cold, winter air here. My throat is always dry and scratchy, so I’ve been going through a pack of gum everyday. I chew gum in my sleep. I’m averaging 4-5 hours of sleep a night, the bags under my eyes are easier to carry around than my traveling bags, which are getting heavier and heavier as I move from one amazing location to another one. My digestive system is not enjoying  traveling as much as my mind , but that’s just a part of exploring and discovering new places, food, and friends.
This trip has been overwhelming and wonder-filled. So many times I’ve had to stop and wipe the tears of amazement off my face. I’m so grateful that I’m able to take this trip. I wish everyone could take a trip like this. This voyage has become a pilgrimage for me. I’ve moved from place to place, praying that everything will go smoothly during my travels – truly trusting God, and I’ve been blessed by some fantastic people along the way. I can’t believe that I only have a few days left on this adventure. It really has been magical.

I’m staying at Hotel Josef in the center of Prague and it’s phenomenal! Check it out, and make sure to come stay here! I met the architect who designed it at breakfast this morning. Eva is an extraordinary woman and you will read more about her when I return to the USA. Check out her website at

I’m off to explore Prague now. Have a wonderful day!