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Day: January 27, 2007

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Lake Austin Spa

Lake Austin Spa Gets Straight A’s in the Three R’s of Spa Living: Austin, TX Relaxing, Refreshing and Rejuvenating just doesn’t come any easier than this. With only 40 rooms and a caring staff of over 200, y’all be spoiled […]

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Seduced by the Sultry Setai

Seduced by the Sultry Setai: Miami Beach, FL The Assignment:Write up my most memorable upscale meal of 2006. My Answer:This one was simple—The Restaurant at the Setai Hotel, Miami Beach. The only thing NOT memorable about this place is its […]

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Czech Out These Spas

Czech Out These Spas! Part I: Prague   Last December I discovered another earth-shakingly incredible group of spas. I was invited to Prague to cover their famous Christmas Market. This runs for the month of December and the market was […]

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Czech Out-Part II

Czech Out These Spas! Part II: Karlovy Vary Note: This is the third of a multi-part series on Czech Spas. My first town during last December’s spa tour wasKarlovy Vary (a.k.a. Carlsbad), the Grand Dame of Czech Spas Towns. It’s […]

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Czech Out -Part III

Czech Out These Spas: Part III: Zámecké LáznÄ›   No matter where you stay in the spa-centric town of Karlovy Vary, you must schedule a visit for a day of treatments/swimming at Zámecké LáznÄ› (Castle Spa). It’s like a Vegas […]

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Czech Out- Part IV

Czech Out These Spas! Part IV: Marianske Lazne   Marianske Lazne (Marienbad) is located some 45 minutes further west from Karlovy Vary, about three hours from Prague. I loved the picturesque park-like town dotted with fountains, colonnades and elaborate spa […]

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Czech Out These Spas-Part V

Czech Out These Spas: Part V: Velichovky Spa’s Wellness Week for Women Note: This is the final article in a week-long look at Czech Spas. For the really “tired and poor huddled masses,” there is a fantastic sounding Velichovky Spa’s […]