I’m trying to write my list of New Year’s resolutions, although who are we kidding? I can basically just forward myself last year’s list and simply change the date cuz they are always more or less the same:

1. I will stop eating when I am full no matter how delish the food is.

2. I will not drink more than two…better make that three glasses of Champagne, wine or other alcoholic beverage.

Then some form of an exercise/working out resolution.

And I just read about the perfect place to jump-start my 2008 regime:
the new

Fern Tree Spa at Rose Hall, Montego Bay, JamaicaJust reading their press release had me feeling realaxed healthier and even thinner! I particularly love the thought of having my own “Spa Elder”. After reading about her, a personal trainer just sounds sooooo 2007!

“The US $4 million dollar project, which is a first of its kind for Jamaica, converted the resorts signature villa, Fern Tree House, into a 68,000 square foot sanctuary for the mind and body.

Drawing on Jamaica’s lush landscape and centuries-old healing traditions as inspiration, Fern Tree Spa melds modern spa techniques with Jamaica’s ancient healing remedies of native herbs, fruits and botanicals.

Having at its foundation a philosophy of wellness, Fern Tree Spa introduces clients to a Spa Elder versed in the art of holistic healing, to guide clients through the four phases of wellness: addressing the individual, the body, the mind and the spirit. Incorporating the natural herbs and botanicals found in Jamaica as a base. The Spa Elder will use her knowledge of time honored Jamaican traditions/rituals and hand-select herbs and plants combined with sea botanicals create a unique and results-oriented spa menu.

Borrowing from Fern Tree Houses original colonial design of hardwood floors, grand entryways and opulent furnishings, treatment rooms are set amidst lush gardens allowing guests the option of having their room enclosed or open to their own private garden terrace. Couples can reserve the plantation-styled couples massage room, bedecked with wooden millwork, pitched ceilings and private patio with dipping pool. Families, wedding parties and groups can enjoy the spa cottage, offering separate living room and spa treatment room affording the group quality bonding time and private tranquility. The Fern Tree Spa complex also houses a relaxation lounge, yoga pavilion, hydrotherapy swimming pool, sculpture garden and several water features. ”

FERN TREE SPA – www.halfmoon.com