My mother is basically an all around matriarchal rock star; not only does she take top notch care of me, my father, and anybody else that crosses her path, she’s the breadwinner in my family as well (my father deserves a shout out of his own for being so comfortable in the supporting role of stay-at-home dad). So it felt so good recently when I was able to give back a little and treat my mother, for once.

I wanted our Girls Getaway to feel relaxing and luxurious, but our real life obligations meant we couldn’t go too far, spend too much money, or leave my father alone for more than 24 hours (he might starve!). So we hopped in the car and drove just a couple hours south to Casa Munras in Monterey, California.

Casa Munras is easily accessible from San Fransisco, but the welcoming, small-town ambiance makes it feel worlds away. Within 2 hours of leaving home we had arrived, checked in, and opened a bottle of red. We’d stolen 24-hours all to ourselves, and we weren’t about to waste any time.

It was a Girls Getaway, so naturally we had to hit Casa Munras’s Sano spa . The spa, with its soothing white walls, excellent service, and outdoor Jacuzzi and waterfall, was its own little secluded paradise. My mom was looking to melt some stress out of her life, so she signed up for the 50-minute Lavender Aromatherapy Massage. I was more interested in some luxurious relaxation, so I opted for Sano’s signature Marine Bath. The Bath was one part exfoliation, one part soothing soak, and one part simple massage. (Sano Spa Tip: Definitely upgrade to the scalp massage. It’s worth it!)

Afterwards my mood and my skin were noticeably improved.

If we thought this Girls Getaway was decadent and awesome before dinner, our minds and palettes were blown by Chef Thomas Snyder and Esteban. Chef Tom cooks seasonally, locally, and incredibly creatively, teasing our taste buds with dishes like cantaloupe topped with pickled zucchini or paella negra, named after the squid ink ingredient which is responsible for its dark color. Chef Tom incorporated dishes and flavors I’ve never tasted before, while maintaining a high degree of YUM in every dish he put on the table.

In the morning we wandered down the ocean, put our feet in the water, before sadly saying goodbye to Casa Munras. Our Girls Getaway was short, but much needed.

Everything from the spa, to the local coffee, tea, and cuisine served, to the incredibly warm and attentive service, was perfect. It was so great to be able to treat my mother to all the wonderful things that Monterey and Casa Munras have to offer.
The staff at Casa Munras must have gotten the memo about our special Girls Getaway, because now they’re offering a promotion for a mother daughter Monterey escape, with two spa services included. Rates start at $289. Book now and take advantage of all that Monterey and Casa Munras have to offer. Bonus points if you daughters treat your mamas.